USDA has released its 2021 California Almond Objective Measurement Report, forecasting different aspects of the California almond.

This year's production is estimated to be down by 10% to 2.80 billion meat pounds, compared to last year's production of 3.12 billion meat pounds.

Production of Nonpareil varieties that represent 39% of total California almond production is forecasted at 1.10 billion meat pounds, which is also 15% lower than last year's mark.

Dry February provided favorable conditions for pollination but due to the lack of rainfall creating water scarcity and extreme heat in June, expected production could not take place.

On the other hand the pressure was reportedly low for diseases & pests.

A drop of 18% compared to last year was recorded in the average nut set per tree to 4,619. While the Nonpareil average nut set of 4,512 was recorded, 20% lower than last year.

The average kernel weight for all varieties was 1.46 grams, which is a 3% drop from the 2020 average weight. The average kernel weight for Nonpareil was 1.51 recording a 6% downfall from last year. On the brighter side, a total of 99.3% of all nuts sized were sound.

USDA: 2021 California Almond Objective Measurement Report