The USA is the 2nd largest exporter of Apple after China, which earlier occupied untimely the biggest producer & exporter of Apple. Although the US still maintains its position of producing the best quality in Apples, which are produced in 10 states with Washington holding around 70% production equity and Apples from all over the country, which are exported are termed as ‘Washington Apples’ in most of the regions in the world.

US Apple exports valued $1 billion in 2018, which was 4% higher than in 2017.

The US has a whopping 7500 Apple producers who grow approximately 250 million bushels of Apples scattered throughout the states of Washington, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Idaho, Michigan, California & Pennsylvania.

The country grows the impeccable varieties of Apples:


Red Delicious


Granny Smith


Golden Delicious

Mc Intosh

Cripp’s Pink

Pink Lady




Jona Gold

It is incredible to see that all varieties have different seasons which makes the US exporting and harvesting throughout the year, and there are varieties which are produced throughout the year as well. Northern Areas experiencing severe winters produce Apples more Reddish in texture and down south produces Apples which has yellow linings like the ‘Golden Delicious’ being completely Yellow.

However, the last quarter of 2018 showed a decline in Apple Exports from the US due to being slashed with tariffs. Mexico being the biggest importer of US Apples also imposed a retaliatory tariff followed by India, which also showed a decline in US Apple Imports who also imposed retaliatory tariff hiking the import duty from 50% to 70% resulting in Low Price Parity for Indian Importers.

'Big Apple' Exports