The 9th largest producer of tomatoes in the world, MEXICO its production has increased by 23% since 2012.

The three most popular varieties in the region are Ball, Cherry & Saladette. The Cherry & Saladette tomato variety is harvested all year round. In contrast, the grape varieties are harvested only from July to August, while round varieties are harvested from December to May.

One of the largest exporter of tomatoes in the world, Mexico, in 2019 held 23.8% of the total export value with USD 2.15 Billion worth of export, and it takes up more than half of the US tomato market share.

Tomatoes have one of the highest demands in Mexican Agri-food products, according to Bank of Mexico, with sales of USD 1.398 Million in the first half of 2020; it also recorded the most significant monthly increase in production among Mexican agri-food products at a yearly rate of 78.6%.

As far as SPAIN is concerned, it is the 8th largest producer of tomatoes globally. In 2017 the country produced 2.8% of the total world production. They are also the largest producer in the EU, but, this year, the EU predicted that the show might drop by 7% since last year.

When it comes to the varieties in Spain, the Cherry variety is currently in season between July & December, while Round, Plum & Peer varieties are in season from July to November, September & August, respectively.

The price for different varieties is generally rising due to a drop in production this year amid covid19. Spain is the third-largest exporter of tomatoes globally, held 11.4% in the world share in 2019 with exports of more than USD 1 Million worth of tomatoes in 28 different countries.

MOROCCO the 17th largest producer worldwide & 3rd most extensive in Africa, with 1.41 million metric tons of production in 2018.

Yields for export in the country take place in August & March, while for internal markets, it’s cultivated between February & September. Agricultural products in Morocco have had stable prices in West African Markets not exceeding USD 1.71 per kg.

The main export target for tomatoes in Morocco is countries inside the EU, with France being the most popular customer.

The 3rd largest producer of tomatoes in the world is TURKEY, with a production of 7.0%. The most popular varieties in the region are Cherry, Round & Cocktail that is harvested around July & September.

There has been a decline in the price of tomatoes across the country due to the same reason for the pandemic. Thus, the regulation to save the tomato industry in the country is ongoing.

Being the 8th largest exporter of tomatoes in the world, Turkey holds 3.35% of total export and is one of the biggest export markets in Russia, with 28% of the export share.

The Global Tomato Market