Overseas shipping has various concerns, one of them is excessive moisture resulting in drastic changes in the quality of commodities. Eliminating this issue can cover and save millions of dollars in the shipping industry.

Damage in cargos is done through warping, powder in the goods, mold & mildew, corrosion, and more.

Often underrated & overlooked cause of damage, very little attention is given to loss by moisture issues in shipping containers excessive moisture damage can occur in cargo transported by rail, trucks, or air along with marine shipping.

A substance that is used to sustain dryness in Agro-commodities, Desiccants are water-absorbing solids or other forms utilized to retain moisture in goods.

The changes taking place due to temperature & humidity cause damage to cargo containers. This damages the cargo as well as packaging making it unsuitable for sale.

Cargo Desiccant also helps eliminate the harmful effects by reducing humidity levels, it also prevents moisture damage by continuously absorbing it, also helps in protecting against molds, rust, oxidation, corrosion, product odor, and color changes. Thus, they are used to keep products dry & stable.

They come in a variety of forms depending upon the goods in the cargo such as Desiccant Bags that are hung from the ceiling in shipping containers reducing the dew point temperature preventing condensation.

Desiccant Blankets are laid over the top of the goods and some of them are designed in such a way that they seal the container reducing temperature shifts.

Desiccant pads are used when shipping goods & beverages placed below the goods to absorb excessive leakages.

Even though it is said that the use of desiccants must be carefully supervised because there are various cases in which a cargo container using desiccants remains open absorbing excess moisture and becoming soaking wet as not enough research is done to calculate the proper amount of desiccant destroying cargo.

Various thumb rules can be followed while using desiccants such as using 32 one-pound bags per 20 feet of the container, especially for overseas voyages for over 30 to 40 days.

Thus, in this way tools like desiccant are used to safeguard the shipment and allow it to move freely internationally for a longer period.

Save Moisture Damage