Nature fights back. Not with a tsunami or an earthquake but with a virus. It's Nature's way of maintaining the balance of life on this planet every time we go too far. Nature will have its way. Carbon emissions will come down. Meat consumption will go down. People might run a little less after money and spend more time doing what they love. Its nature's way of bringing us closer to basic fundamental things.

In a race, rage, fierce competition, greed, excessive power, the man has forgotten the actual values of life and mother nature. We are here to ‘LIVE & LET LIVE.’ Why can’t we live in peace and harmony? Let’s go back to our homes and spend quality time with our family and friends. Let’s start fathoming and be grateful for things we already have rather than chasing for unnecessary things with sheer greed. There is enough in this world for every man’s need, but not enough for one man’s Greed. Every human being has the right chords inside, why not strike those chords and live with love. We’ve done plenty of research, development on dangerous things, enough technological advancement, enough luxuries, enough comforts, enough convenience. Let us stop right there and preserve what we have. Let us exchange ethical values, share good times, Enjoy the right spot where we are, and save humanity from getting humanity out of this race and rage. Enough of the politics based on different opinions, sections, ideologies, religions, regions, Pasts. Enough of the Race to defeat someone. History had enough wars, and we should learn from our ancestors, that this battle makes no sense. They’ve fought enough, let’s not repeat that in a different form and let us learn from the History. We’re already 50 years ahead of the steady time, we’ve made enough technological advancement.

Advancement in Information Technology is there to save nature. People can now work from homes with less movement from one place to another, reducing time, cost, and environmental damage leading to more effectiveness. Due to the availability of information, a new breed of Knowledge workers are appearing, but the execution has become a challenge with a hell lot of complexities. Let’s stop chasing Artificial Intelligence, there are a lot of pros to it, but if we go beyond the critical balance, the cons of it can be outrageous, which we won’t be able to control and might become a disaster for all living creatures in the planet. We are coming in negligence of the actual usage and busy in exploiting unnecessary things. This is the time when we should stop doing unnecessary things. Let us sit back at home for a while.

IT has delivered enough conveniences to our doorstep. Let us fathom that and be a user and not a misuser. These desperate measures to level up the game and be in the game has to stop.

“Let us not emit more carbon, let us stop chasing the numbers and think where the numbers are impacting, make the environment be in peace for a while, Let the planet take a sigh of relief for a while. Let’s stay at home, keep calm, exercise, meditate, unwind, and Let the planet take a sigh a relief for a while. Let’s shut the traffic down in every metropolitan, towns, highways, cities of the world. Let’s bring Travel & Transportation to a halt for a while. Let’s keep the voices to minimal and Let the planet take a sigh of relief for a while. Technology has given us enough convenience, Let us breathe, and others survive, Let the planet recover itself from the Pollution, Let the planet take a sigh of relief for a while, Let's keep our surroundings clean & Hygenic, Let's organize ourselves for the safety of people around us. Let the planet take a sigh of relief for a while”.

However, the origin of the current epidemic hasn't been traced yet, but the assumptions are somewhat indicating towards the wild animal consumption, which is entirely against nature’s fabric and nature’s way of telling us to stop doing what we’ve been doing to harm every creature in this world. In hindsight, We’ve done enough harm to animals, especially in the place from where it originated in China. There used to be the time, when domesticated animals – poultry, fish, were considered in the diet. Somehow, people in China shifted to eating all kinds of Wild Animals. It is shocking to know that there are people in a few backward countries of eastern Europe, where they eat animal placentas. How the trend originated in China is a different story of mass starvation in the 1960s resulted in a lack of necessary food supplies. The government acted by introducing commercial farming and peasant left jobless; those peasants switched to the cultivation of wild animals and selling it in the market, which government also backed and legitimized as it was seen as a solution to the crisis. It went on various phases from then on from lifting the ban to banning it all over again. That very occupation and starvation have started ingraining a habit of eating wild animals in Chinese as it seemed like a food source and employment source for poor peasants.

The world is turning into a vegan diet; Several Athletes are becoming Vegan and experiencing higher strength & light body after having chosen the plant-based protein diet. How wonderfully there is a lesson woven into this coronavirus issue!

Pandemic, Nature Retaliates