Iraq is a country that has been pretty well known for turmoil and problems given that the nearby Countries are prospering, whose GDPs are growing, and substantially Iraq has the lowest GDP in the region.

Iraq’s economy has been pre-dominantly dependent on Oil.  The entire Western half of Iraq is a sparsely inhabited Desert, Motorways are limited. There are 2 two highways that connect Iraq’s central core between the Tigris & the Euphrates to Saudi Arabia and only one that connects to Jordan. Top it all, Iraq’s coastline is pathetically small and easy to blockade.

Scarcity of Water is the biggest drawback that Iraq has been facing for decades. Tigris & Euphrates Rivers have been a lifeline of the desert for thousands of years but in this Era, Iraq doesn’t control the source of these Rivers as they originate from the mountains of Turkey. These Rivers mostly go dry while flowing through Iraq as the majority of their water flows are exploited by Turkey and Syria on the way down. Turkey builds various massive dams which keep on holding the flow of these rivers which keeps Iraq in a very merciful position.

Iraq doesn’t have enough water resources to fill its thirsty population of more than 40 million people and of course not enough to irrigate the farmlands, which is a devastating situation for Iraq and On the contrary, the Rivers are getting polluted as well.

There are villages in Northern Iraq, which were bustling with tribes & communities whose major occupation involved farming have gone completely deserted and most of the tribesmen have gone to Baghdad & Basra for their livelihoods. Empty huts and few old people define the landscape of the region now.

Iraq rice lands have cracked and gone dry. With GDP hitting its low, Iraq, for its domestic food supplies have gone more dependent on other countries than ever before.

This country has already suffered a lot in recent decades by always being a war zone, Iraq now needs global attention because keeping all the politics aside, the innocent citizens are the ones suffering alongside the Crumbling Economy.

Once Arable Country, Iraq