Biodiversity increment, improvement of water cycle & enhancing ecosystem by improving the quality of topsoil is the essence of Regenerative Agriculture which is very important to sustain life on planet Earth.

This practice can only be done by the farmers who are the radicals of positive change.

To support this framework, the involvement of great minds is crucial; Meanwhile, the Billionaires who can help rejuvenate the planet are the ones planning to leave it.

The ideas like these coming from the greatest mind in the world are jeopardizing the rebuilding process of the planet.

It's not very difficult to judge between the option of investing millions trying to leave the planet or investing the same trying to save and rejuvenate it.

On the other hand, the source of huge investments promotes monocropping, the agricultural practice of growing a single crop every year. The quality of soil becomes poor in the absence of crop rotation. This practice is highly promoted for growing the most profitable crops such as Maize, Soybeans & Wheat in large quantities.

It's a known fact that agriculture plays a vital role in the development of the global economy, especially in developing countries. According to data released by the FAO, agriculture accounts for 39.4% of the GDP while 43% of all exports consist of agro goods.

To revive nature's health, carbon emission has to be reduced by 90%. Agriculture sector is the one that accounts for a quarter of carbon emissions. Thus the change in farming practices can bring a brighter change in the ecosystem.

The concept of regenerative agriculture involves farming practices to enrich the soil by ultimately reducing cost and the amount of CO2. Other ways through which agriculture can contribute to balance the ecosystem are practices like sustainable & organic farming. All of the debate comes down to one entity that can make all of this possible with adequate support are the farmers.

Farmers can play a pivotal role and are the backbone of the agricultural system, not only for food but also for clothing needs, the ones who can implement these ideas. Thus there is a huge requirement for funding them in terms of education & infrastructure.

The pressing priority today is to invest in planning of rebuilding a sustainable planet rather than leaving it altogether.

Need of the hour: Farmers, not Astronauts