A magenta-colored shell with a delicious White dollop wrapped up in a Black seed is a National fruit of Thailand. It is known to build an energy foundation in the body if consumed in the morning. It is filled with fiber and other essential nutrients. It is also believed to boost the immune system by being high in Vitamin C.

The taste is so savory and delicious that if you haven’t eaten yet, then out of all fruits, it’ll give your taste buds a very different experience altogether.

It also possesses the anti-inflammatory property that can help repair your cells, cleanse your intestinal digestive tract, and reduce swelling in the entire body.  It helps in maintaining body weight as well. However, not much research has been done to indicate and connect it with Mangosteens accurately. There are a few associated side effects, like people with persisting allergies should not consume it. If consumed in an increased amount, it can give bloodspots as well. It may interfere with prevailing medications also.

However, recently Global demand for Mangosteen has increased as earlier it used to be fruits categorized by the classes in the first-world countries. Still, slowly it is penetrating the mass’s markets and other countries as well.

Overall, the Global Mangosteen trade grows with a 10% annual average. This growth has been seen only in the recent six years, primarily due to the advent and exposure of the internet everywhere. After years of being confined to a limited geographical area, it started receiving an identification.

It is an ultra-tropical fruit that cannot tolerate temperatures less than 40°F. Thailand is the major exporter, followed by Mexico. China is the significant importer of Mangosteens globally, with Thailand holding the lion’s share in its supplies to her. In 2019, Thailand exported 340,000 Metric tons of Mangosteens to China, occupying more than 90% of the total China mangosteen import equity. Although, in 2020, COVID impacted the trade to a very high extent reducing it to only 25,000 Metric tons. In this event, Indonesian Mangosteen exports have also seen a significant increase from the last quarter of 2020 till 2021. But still, Thai Mangosteens out beats almost every other origin in terms of taste & quality. Most recently, Vietnamese Mangosteens is also taking a solid run-up to penetrate itself in the global market with taste & quality being relatively close to Thailand ones due to having slightly similar terrains with that of the Southern & Eastern Thailand, where it is predominantly grown.

Marvelous Mangosteens