One of the renowned countries for mango production & export is Peru.

The country mainly offers for kent variety for its 99% of total exports and accounts for 7% of global mango exports, 0.3 million USD (+2% YoY) in 2019.

Its leading importers are the Netherlands (37%), the US (23%), Spain (9%).

With 59,000 acres of mango plantation on the Northern coast, Piura, Lambayeque, Ancash, La Libertad & Ica are the largest producers of the fruit.

The last two years have been successful in terms of exports.

While it ranked #3 in global mango exports with a record high of 199,350 MT (37% YoY).

During MY 2019-2020, The country recorded a +17% YoY export growth with new market destinations such as Europe, the US, Canada.

As far as the expectations of the upcoming 2020-2021 production are concerned, the exports are expected to drop by 15% compared to previous years.

The harvest season for the mentioned MY is expected to start in the October-end and carry till March 2021.

Due to factors like reduced rainfall & Lack of irrigation are expected to Impact mango production in terms of quality & quantity.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, La Nina started developing during September and lasted until November 2020.

The country witnessed less than average seasonal rainfall along with dry air due to La Nina.

The reservoirs across Peru are reaching historical minimum levels.

The Lack of rain has reduced the capacity of the San Lorenzo reservoir, an important source of irrigation water to irrigate the mango plantations and other cash crops.

Due to these two primary unfavorable conditions, 20% fewer mango boxes might ship in MY 2020-2021 as per the data relished by the National Mango Board & APEM.

The shipment is expected to rise in January but will be 30% less than the previous year.

Mangoes in Peru!