The new farm bill introduced in India raised havoc in farmers resulting in mass protests by them worldwide, especially in the region of Punjab. As a result, India's government is considering amending some parts of the reform.

The legislation passed in September that restrained the government from buying Wheat & Rice at a guaranteed price was leaving farmers at private buyers' mercy.

According to officials in the country, "The government is over to look into various amendments."

Thus, after hours of discussion, the talks between the center & farmers ended on December 3. Central Ministers offered to consider eight amendments to the farm laws and assured that MSP would remain intact.

The farmers eventually are demanding that all the three laws that are passed should be withdrawn.

Still, the primary demand is to maintain a minimum support price for their production and opening up of agricultural sales & marketing beyond regulated APMC Mandi as farmers believe the new laws will take out the Mandi system allowing private players to in the end set the terms of purchase from farmers.

INDIA: Amendment in New farm bill