In Modern times International Trade, Apart from so many channels of diligence and Online visibility of businesses. Trusting for either Shipping the goods to someone or Receiving the Shipment from someone is a hefty proposition.

Trade execution becomes far-fetched from just knowing the Exporters & Importers while Culture difference and Geographical dispersion being a limiting factor as well. Trading with different countries has different challenges concerning Logistics, Infrastructure, Banking, Administration & Laws.

Escrow plays a significant role in Trade Execution, especially when it comes to international trading of Agricultural Commodities.

Apart from establishing the fact that Exporters & Importers are both willing & sincere towards the Conduct of a Trade Contract, Escrow pose potential benefits to both the parties -

For Exporters:

  • An Exporter rests ¬†assured with the Shipment's timely Acceptance & Payment without having to know the Buyer at all.
  • It gives them a clear picture of the Financial & Risk handling capability of an importer.
  • It relieves an Exporter from Fear & Anxiety.
  • It enables them to maintain Quality Standards in their Commodity.
  • It helps them bridge the overall Trust gap.
  • Helps in Dispute Resolution & Arbitration.

For Importers:

  • An Importer rests assured with their deliveries without having to know the Supplier at all.
  • It Ensures the Quality of the Shipped Commodity.
  • It Ensures a timely Shipment of their Commodities from the Loading Port for them to Stay Competitive in the Volatile Market.
  • It Secures the Risk of Frauds from hoax suppliers.
  • It prevents them from paying in Advance, which blocks their Working Capital.
  • Helps in Dispute Resolution & Arbitration.

Escrow ensures the Trade-Conduct in the International Market, where apart from having so many standards in Quality & Products, Fraudulent activities are still on the rise.

Escrow creates a boundary to maintain the integrity of a Trade Contract to prevent it from unnecessary Disputes, that causes severe tensions down the line.

Escrow would prove essential for the Beginners in International Trade, contributing to the overall Longevity & Growth of International Agribusiness.

The only downside associated with an Escrow is paying a sum to a 3rd Party to ensure the performance of a Trade Contract.

A Wise Trader will always choose for a Contract finalized with an Escrow.

We, at Traddle, apart from maintaining an ecosystem of diligent businesses, ensure that the trade-execution is smoother, efficient & effective with the Right Parties. We want our Users to stay Fearless & Focus on Essential Aspects associated with their Business & Profits.

Escrow Essentials