Australia is one of the major global producers & exporters of agro products even though it is a dry nation, the agriculture sector contributes roughly 12% share of GDP.

The major products produced are Wheat, fruits & nuts, vegetables, Barley, etc. Large scale products comprise Cereals, oilseeds & grain legumes while around 70% of farm production is exported.

The activities of agriculture in the country are determined by climate, soil, availability of water, and more.

As far as history is concerned the domestication of the first crop took place around 10,000 years ago and today this industry in Australia is highly technical & sophisticated.

One of the most important ways for the growth in Agriculture is digitalization which is already widespread in Australia such as the adoption of GPS systems with advanced digital monitoring that has increased efficiency.

Nevertheless, all these developments are still in the early stages but there are many innovations taking place in the country like virtual fencing technology, AI-based forecasting systems, cloud-based applications and more.

Apart from being one of the major inputs in industries like food processing, the agriculture sector is one of the largest employers and most productive ones in Australia also the size, geography, technology & workforce skills result as comparative advantage in the production of Agro goods.

As far as the current scenario is concerned despite the global tension since 2020 the Australian agriculture was positive similarly this year despite the waves of Covid19 & global economic condition 2021 is looked upon as an year for better agriculture.

Agriculture In Australia